Equipment leasing

Maxptt equipment leasing is a reliable form of long-term cooperation for your radio solutions

Why it is convenient:
We oversee the communication equipment, you oversee your business.
Equipment maintenance service will help you avoid unexpected costs.

All service and repair costs are included in the price of our service.
You do not have to pay for repairs and maintenance.
You don’t have to look for someone to repair your equipment and wait for it to be repaired.

With a long-term rental, you have clear monthly radio costs:
A small monthly fee instead of a big investment in equipment purchase and deployment.
Possibility to plan your monthly radio communication costs.
Quickly add additional radio equipment to your corporate service cart.

Theft protection:
Much lower financial risk in case of theft.
When you report a theft to the police, you get replacement equipment.

Radio Equipment Update:
Just use it and ask us to renew your equipment at the end of your rental period.

Equipment of radio communication complete set:
The right set of equipment helps you avoid unnecessary purchases, as it precisely matches your business needs.

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